FREE VIP by Points Rewards

Normal kill = 1  PTS  HeadShot kill = 2 PTS   Knife kill = 3 PTS  Grende kill = 3 PTS

 Daily Reward = 10 PTS   and   20 PTS when u play for 1 hour

Every day  at 10am  random player will receive random PTS as bonus.

4 Commands to use in chat:


To know how much points you currently have


To activate your VIP if you have enugh pts


to receive a bonus points every day.


To donate your pts to a freind. Example: /donate HLL 100

Note: AWP Max limit is 6 for all players

3 for VIP's with Fast Switch from fast buy menu

3 For ALL without fast switch from B buy menu

Tip: Try to buy it as fast as possible for your team

 Could be 5 CT and 1 T  = 6 total

or (2 CT and 4T) or (6CT and 0T)   oror